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Landlord & Tenant Law

Becoming a Landlord, providing the correct tenancy agreement to your tenant and insuring that your property is in a safe habitable standard is essential.    


The law states that it is the landlord responsibility to keep the structure and exterior of the property in good repair. The landlord must also keep the equipment for the supply of gas, electricity, heating, water and sanitation in good repair. The accommodation must have a valid gas safety certificate for any gas appliances in the property, and any furniture provided should be fire resistant.


Any failings in the above are usually the cause of a dispute between the Landlord and tenant.


Whether representing the Landlord or the tenant SMG Solicitors recognise that obtaining correct legal advise at every stage in a dispute can prevent matters escalating, and at times  disputes being settled without having the need to go to court.


For any Landlord and Tenant dispute please contact one of our solicitors today.

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Types of Tenancy


Assured Shorthold Tenancy - This provides a tenant a legal right so live at the property for a set period such as six months ( this is known as a fixed term tenancy)


Periodic Tenancy- usually on a roll on week-to-week or month-to-month basis.


Whichever type, there are certain basic rights of the tenant. For example The right to live in the accommodation undisturbed ,The right to live in a property in good repair ,The right to information about the tenancy, Protection from eviction.

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Landlord & Tenant Law